3 Leg Muscle Targets To Hit In Your Body Building Workout

When getting your body building workout together, you’ll need to think about your lower and upper body. For the lower body, you will be targeting: quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Hit these muscles and you’ll reach the goal of building both strength and lean muscle mass where it counts.

The best fitness plan is by hitting your body building workout.

Fortunately many lower body exercises are pretty efficient, working all 3 muscles at once. For instance, the squat is a powerful exercise for strong, T-Rex-like legs. You place the weight plates on a barbell on a squat rack, about at your standing height.
Then you place the barbell across your shoulders and then squat down, keeping your back ramrod straight. You must keep good form with this one. You can also target your quads with leg presses, the leg extension, the dumbbell lunge and dumbbell squats.

For your hamstrings, you can use 3 different exercises in your body building workout. First, you can perform the leg curl. You lie on your stomach on a leg curl machine bench and simply curl the weight up with your legs. You can also try the stiff-legged dead lift and the dumbbell version of the same.
The third of the triad of muscles is the calf. These are open to a variety of attacks, which help in your jumping capacity. The first and most popular is the standing calf raise, easily done just about anywhere. Then there are the following: seated calf raises, calf extensions on the leg press and the one-legged standing calf raise. All consist of extending your toes to support the weight, using nothing but your calves.

Comprehend proficiently with your fitness plan by focusing on your leg muscles.

For a solid body, you need a solid body building workout. Don’t neglect your lower body in the process – the lower body supports the upper. Far too often, the lower half is forgotten in light of strong arms and chest, but don’t repeat the mistake.
Focus on your lower half during your workouts for powerful legs, a firm foundation. Mix it up: work your quads when you work your biceps, tri’s and shoulders. Do your calves and hams when you work your chest and back – this ensures motivation and an integrated workout.