Review: 7 Minute Muscle

7 Minute MuscleWhat can you do in 7 minutes a day? Anything? Make a pot of coffee, maybe? What if someone told you that you can actually pack on lean muscle mass – drastically, noticeably – in just 7 minutes a day, guaranteed?


If you’re like most people, you would love to have more lean muscle, lose fat and increase your health in little or no time commitment. The trouble is the amount of B.S. out there by get rich quick con men, suckering honest people like you and me into handing over our credit cards for nothing.


7 Minute Muscle isn’t B.S. It was created by Jon Benson – and he’s done years of research trying to pack the most muscle onto your frame with only 7 minutes’ time per day.


Best Fitness PlanJon uncovers all the baloney out there about building lean muscle, from the sports nutrition complex and any other pretenders, selling nothing but empty promises. What Jon does is show you how you can forget about the gym membership – you can get lean and sexy with mere minutes a day and save tons of cash in gym fees.


This training regimen includes an ebook that covers it all in one convenient place – along with 7 really helpful videos that give you the tools you need to have a rockin’ body to show off at the next swim party. Included in the system:


The 7 Minute Muscle Training System e-Book


The following videos:


All about 7 minute muscle
An amazing chest in minutes
Great arms in minutes
Sexy shoulders in minutes
A sculpted back in minutes
Best butt and legs in minutes
Hot legs in minutes


Go to the site to find some of the most amazing, real people who’ve tried it all before discovering that it was all B.S. What the gyms don’t want you to know is this:


1) They want their members to overtrain! This way they can keep the lemmings coming in and signing up for more $$$.


2) Gyms make money hand over fist with selling waaaay too many supplements to muscle-fiends who don’t know any better.


3) The gym franchises are banking on the fact that about 90% of their “members” will simply never walk back in…but will have to keep paying the gym membership for the remainder of their contract.


Get off the bullet train to frustration, and see what you can do in just 7 minutes a day. You’ll be absolutely floored with the results – guaranteed.


For a mere $77 – and a mad savings from staying out of the gym and off most of your useless supplements (Jon reveals it all in his course) – you can have the body you’ve decided was just a pipe dream. All you have to lose is the excuse not to try it out Best Fitness Plannow, and the years of wasted effort that got you nothing but frustrated.


Jon – you get a 5 out of 5 for this one, pal. This was worth the $77 and 7 minutes a day!