A Body Building Workout For Massive Upper Body Gains

Getting your upper body looking right is one of the biggest goals of any body building workout. To do that, you have to really know your limits. On the flip side, you need to push those limits to max your gains.


When you hit the gym, don’t ever hit the same muscle two days in a row. This stunts growth, so split it up. Hit your back and chest on day one, the next hit your arms and shoulders.


Focus the fitness of the upper body as part of your body building workout.


When doing the pecs, use a flat bench, incline bench and decline bench. Try dumbbell flyes, cable crosses, and others. Find what works for you.


Considering your back’s body building workout, you will absolutely need to pay attention to proper form. You do not want to “back-slide” (pun intended) as you push forward with a simple back injury – they take weeks to heal. Consider the bent over row, lat pull downs, dead lifting, hyperextensions and shoulder shrugs.


On the following day you can hit your shoulder muscles, biceps and tri’s. For your shoulders, try: shrugs, seated dumbbell presses, side lat raises and the front dumbbell raise (alternating arms).


To achieve total fitness, consider body building routine on your back.


Concentrating on your biceps, the first choice is standing barbell curls. Also try the alternating dumbbell curl, incline dumbbell curl and the preacher curl. That last one is taking a curl bar on a preacher bench and hitting those arms hard with focused curling.


Lastly, hit the massive arm muscle that will help you in your bench: the triceps. Using the cable machine, do standing cable press-downs with a lat bar, bench dips (also called “French curls”) and overhead rope extensions. Focus on one arm at a time with one arm dumbbell extensions.


To perform any of these exercises, you must understand how to do them correctly. Get with a personal trainer or someone that can show you in person and check your form, that way you won’t wind up injured.