I need some tips getting back into shape for baseball?

Question by E34: I need some tips getting back into shape for baseball?
Well i haven’t played since last season. And i couldn’t play since september til now. I have two weeks, the winter break, to get back into shape. The reason was because i had too many things because of AP classes and such, but recently my parents gave me a car. I live about 6 miles away from school. so now it’s much more easier for me to quickly go home and stuff. Well i was planning to start going to 24 fitness and workout. Any tips?

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Answer by mattpiloto
For you, I would say a combination of weight training and high intensity interval training (HIIT). In basketball you require a lot of power and speed, and these 2 things will help you to develop that. I put a link at the bottom that explains the benefits of weight training in more detail. The HIIT is kind of self explanatory. You can find a bunch of videos on youtube of what to do. You should be able to find all of the equipment you need to do both at any gym you go to. Just make sure that you go hard on whatever you are doing. 2 weeks isn’t very long, but you can get a good head start if you push yourself.

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