Review: Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle Program

Burn the FatBurn The Fat Feed the Muscle Program Review is a very popular weight loss and muscle gain book. It gives the reader a comprehensive and accurate guide on all areas regarding fat loss and nutrition. It has been a huge success throughout the years and has helped a good number of readers achieve it’s intended author intentions effectively. It is written such that it gives the reader a complete idea of how/she can measure their weigh loss progress by figuring out on their metabolic rates and body type. It is a book that gives incredible information and tips on the best weight loss program.


For the person who wants to lose weight alone, it provides too much information. This book is specifically tailored for readers who want to lose weight and add muscle on other parts of their bodies. It is in fact a weight loss bible that is not for the weak and faint of heart. It is packed with many pages of information on health articles related to the cycle/science of food intake, muscle building and exercise. The guide is written by a professional bodybuilder and therefore goes in sync with any other person’s wishes to become as such. It constantly refers to what body builders do before competitions therefore very important/crucial to any person who wants to lose his/her body fat and tone the body well.


Burn the FatIf the reader makes no mistakes, then he/she can rest assured that the results will be great. However, if there are sessions that are skipped, he/she need not expect a lot from the program. It requires a high level of discipline and integrity for one to achieve successful results. All the information on the book is as a result of the reader’s years of coaching and training with his colleagues that has taken discipline. The reader should also not expect anything shorter than that in his/her training undertakings given in the book.


The BFFM (as it is referred in bodybuilding circles) is all about empowering the reader with superior knowledge of successful health and permanent fat loss. It is however not a diet and does not restrict one to only eating certain foods. It actually gives the readers the ability and also the knowledge to easily determine the right foods they are supposed to take so as to achieve their weight loss. It also comes with chapter setting goals that are very efficient when it comes to the reader’s success.


This book covers a different exercises for different benefits to the body. For instance, it covers some Turbulence Trainingvery good information on the best cardio exercises and also the best machines to use. It is by all means the book that every person who wants to lose weight in a good manner should read and follow instructions. It also provides very useful bonuses which are short and very detailed on some specific points. The book also reminds the reader on the best foods that he/she can eat, how to measure body fats effectively and also gives the reader a few recipes to try.