Strategies For Muscle Building Diets

Muscle building diets are not negotiable when building the body to its full potential. Of course, if you’re about 150 pounds and a teen, you won’t want to eat 6k calories. You have to first understand your body and study up to get that perfect diet down.


One fitness strategy to build muscle is through proper diet.


Let’s say you’re an average guy, about 180 pounds. You’ll want to get between 5-7 meals in a day. This is so you maintain your protein and caloric intake, allowing your stomach to digest properly. Pigging out 3 X a day slows down your metabolism.


Most muscle building diets consistently have this in common – eat a pre-workout meal. It may seem counter-intuitive, but this feeds your body the necessary fuel to build lean muscle mass and give you strength to get the intense workout done. Of course, this also depends on your schedule. If you plan to workout in the morning, this will be a bit different.


Nonetheless – you need to consistently have eaten 3-4 times before dinner. That way, your body metabolizes the nutrients and you’re not trying to sleep on a full tummy. Before you hit the hay, mix in some whey protein with water and drink up before you call it day. This will boost you a bit, and give your body the building blocks for more muscle.


You must include muscle building diets as part of your fitness plan.


Overall, on average, you should get about 3,500 calories a day. Make sure a lot of that is protein and carbs. Muscle building diets include eggs, rice, lean beef or chicken, toast and plenty of protein shakes. Don’t forget to hydrate plenty – more water is a non-negotiable.


Your diet will all hinge on your own body and your exercise goals. If you workout in the morning, this will not be the same as a person working out in the evening. The diets can be the same, but the timing will differ accordingly.