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Natural ways to lose weight, fun, simple and high calories burning ideas please :)?

Question by anonymous: Natural ways to lose weight, fun, simple and high calories burning ideas please :)?
I would like to lose 20 pounds, not because it is a necessity but because I know I will be a happier person. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I like doing things naturally, no pills or drinks.

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Answer by Mrs.
If it can keep your attention, try yoga. 50 situps before you go to bed, 50 situps after you wake up. Lots of cardio. Its crazy how the simple things will impact you laregly.

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beach body workout tips and ideas… HELP?

Question by : beach body workout tips and ideas… HELP?
Hey everyone im 22 year old and im going to Florida in early April and I wanna know if there is any fitness tips or workouts anyone can give so I will have a beach body by April :) I do eat healthy and have been walking a mile or 2 almost everyday ( depending on weather and snow)
I love to workout at home with weights, cardo etc and things like that but I don’t know what kind of workouts or how many reps and how many I should be doing and things like that ?? :( If anyone can also provide any of this info it would be very very helpful

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Answer by Oldy Sihotang
Eat More Regularly

Due to a naturally high metabolism, the key of how to build a beach body and gain mass for the skinny guy is increasing calorie intake and meal time frequency. As a rough guide aim to consume your bodyweight in pounds multiplied by 24. So, if you weight 150 pounds then you should be consuming around 3,600 calories per day (150×24).

This calorie content should consist of around 25% Proteins, 50% Carbohydrates, and 25% Fats, and should obviously come from healthy sources, not junk food.

Split your food into 6 meals per day to keep energy and metabolic levels consistent, and keep your muscles fed so that you can build a beach body in record time.

Weight Train 3 Times Per Week

To gain muscle mass, the skinny guy should be weight training 3 times per week, focusing on full-body workouts, not splits like Monday = Chest Day, Tuesday = Arms Day, etc.

The reason for this is that you will be working all major muscle groups for the full 3 times per week, and will spend less time in the gym for more results.

With a focus on compound exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, and Bench Press you will be able to move more weight per exercise and get bigger and better muscular development.

Lift Heavy

As an added factor in your weight training routine to build a beach body you should aim to lift as heavy as possible. This forces your muscles to constantly adapt and grow much faster.

It is better to lift heavy on low reps for muscle mass, say 6-8. If you’re comfortably doing more than that then you know the weight is not heavy enough.

Allow Rest and Recovery Time

Probably the most overlooked factor in how to build a beach body is the need for rest and recovery time between workouts. I know that it feels as though time is running out and the holiday is getting ever closer, but you’ll see much more and better gains by making sure you rest at least one day between your workouts. Muscle is built during recovery time, not in the gym.

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Cellulite Solutions (52 Brilliant Ideas): Tips and Techniques to Lose the Lumps

Cellulite Solutions (52 Brilliant Ideas): Tips and Techniques to Lose the Lumps

Cellulite Solutions (52 Brilliant Ideas): Tips and Techniques to Lose the Lumps

52 ways to get smooth! 90% of all women, young and old, fat and thin, couch potato and gym bunny alike, have cellulite, whether a little or a lot. With the bewildering range of treatment solutions available, ranging from muds, creams and herbal supplements to skin patches, aromatherapy and laser surgery, Cellulite Solutions dispels the myths and provides honest advice on what works and what doesn’t, with ideas including: – Idea #4: Give it the brush-off – Idea #9: The green goddess – Idea #31:

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Keeping Kids Fit – Tips and Ideas

Article by Mila Sidman

It’s no secret that children aren’t as active as they used to be. As concerned parents we want our kids to be active and healthy but it isn’t always easy to get the kids out there and moving when all they’d rather do is watch TV.

Here are a few kid fitness ideas to help you get started:

Allow time for free play. The things children often do with their friends are great forms of physical activity. Building a snowman, riding bikes around the neighborhood, or playing a game on the playground are excellent ways to keep their bodies healthy while having a great time.

Focus on activity instead of exercise. There are many children who don’t necessarily enjoy team sports and cringe when they hear the word exercise. Use what your child is interested in to get them involved in physical activity. If your son loves to read, take a bike ride to your local library. If your daughter enjoys nature, go for a walk to collect leaves, sticks, and other items to make a collage. Your child may be having so much fun that she may not realize that she is getting exercise! After all, getting your child up and moving is the important part, and it doesn’t have to come by way of a structured exercise class or organized sport.

Make it a family affair. Find physical activities that your whole family can enjoy together. Whether it is taking a bike ride after dinner or playing a game of basketball in the driveway, there are many opportunities for you to enjoy some family time and be physically active as well. Just as family members often sit down to watch a television show together, making the time to get some exercise together contributes to the well-being of your entire family.

Schedule it. People are more likely to stick with something if they make it a part of their regular routine. Physical activity is no different. Schedule in at least one block of time during the day where your child is participating in a physical activity. It could include playing catch in the backyard or going swimming with a friend (or better yet–with a parent!). Mark it down on your daily to-do list and make a decision to stick to it. It’s important for your child to have physical activity built in as part of her daily routine and can have lifelong benefits.

Encouraging your child to participate in physical activities he enjoys (and that you can enjoy together) on a regular basis is important. By making physical activity a priority, your child can cultivate healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Need help with your child’s fitness? Grab your kid fitness tips, nutrition articles and fun kid exercise ideas – Free Kid Fitness Tips

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How To Ski Better – Tips and Ideas on Improving Your Skiing Skills

Article by Carolyn Anderson

In any sport, it is indeed important to constantly improve your skills and unleash your full potential to do your best in your given sport. With competition in sports getting tougher and tougher, it has also become very important to upgrade your skills and do better each time you go out and play your sports.

The game of skiing is not an exemption. Your constant quest on how to ski better is always a must if you want to become better in skiing. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your skiing skills and techniques.

– Do your exercise. Before going out to try the slopes, it is important to prepare yourself to do better as well, and that means you have to exercise to develop the flexibility and strength that you will need in skiing. You can do your flexibility exercises, your cardiovascular exercises as well as your strength training to help improve your skills.

– Allow your toes to relax. One tip to ski like a pro is to allow your toes to move and relax. Keep in mind that relaxing your toes can help you absorb the varying terrain and allow you to manage your skiing well. Instead of curling your toes during skiing, learn to relax it and you will eventually eliminate the tension and stiffness that may hinder you to perform well.

– Train yourself to have vertical balance. This is one skill that you need to have if you want to learn how to ski better. As you start skiing, you may be relaxed and standing tall, but you have to lower your body naturally as you catch speed, but you may need to stand tall and sink several times during the course to attain vertical balance. It is important too that your movements should be fluid and not keep them changing abruptly.

– Practice on the slopes more often. Practice is always a key towards success in almost all endeavors we have. In trying to learn how to ski better, it is important that you spend more time on the slopes practicing if you want to perfect your skills, and if you want to explore your potentials to do the best of what you can. Of course, repetition can help you master the skills and techniques to become a better skier.

Keep these tips and suggestions in mind if you want to improve your skiing and if you want to unleash your potentials in skiing. It is important that if you want to be good at this sport, you have to protect yourself as well and make sure you are well-protected – from the gears to choosing the exercises that would fit you as a skier. You can also observe other good skiers that have more or less the same body as yours. Learn from his movements and techniques and you will eventually learn how to ski down the slope with such excellent skills.

Carolyn Anderson loves to ski in her free time. If you want to improve your skiing skills, check out Avalanche Ski Training. Also check out 1R Rep Fitness, a fitness package that allows you to build muscles and loose fat fast.

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Summer makeover ideas (pictures)?

Question by Rainbow Juice: Summer makeover ideas (pictures)?
Summer makeover ideas (pictures)?
Summer makeover ideas (pictures)?
I want to do a little summer makeover on myself over the holidays so i can feel better about myself and a little more confident in my appearance. I’m 13 and i would like some ideas on a summery makeover on:
Hair: Cute hairstyles for teens, hair products and any other hair tips also do you think a full fringe would suit me.
Makeup: Something natural and cute and fresh for spring (i’m 13) and any makeup tips.
Fashion: Again something pretty and also spring/summer trends and fashion for teens and any other fashion tips.
Fitness and exercises: Motivating exercises for teens and any other exercises tips.
Skin/body care: Good skin products, face masks, tips and tricks.
And any other beauty tips and ideas that i should try and what could i improve about myself.
Also what would you rate me out of 10
Extra info: I’m 13 i have combination skin that is prone to the odd blemish. I have strait brown hair that is dry at the ends, oily on top and i have some dandruff. I am quite slim (around 6 stone) and i’m 5 foot 2-3 but i don’t do much exercises. are there any fun exercises for teenagers. For makeup i don’t want something too much something light and cute for spring. And for hair i would like some cute hairstyles.

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Answer by W04H
Do a nice natural summer bronzed look (youtube)

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