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Q&A: Are there any good work out/fitness plans online like..?

Question by ♥10MONTHSWITHOUT MICHAELJACKSON♥: Are there any good work out/fitness plans online like..?
Harley’s 5-Factor Fitness and Diet plan.I heard that Miley uses it and a lot of Celebs.My problem is that i am underweight.I am 15 years old and just weigh like less than 90 pounds.I want to be fit like Miley Cyrus.Please help me with tips,advices,thoughts,comments and if you have any idea of a site that has similarities with this plan.You can also give me your own work out plans if you know about fitness and if you’re an expert in the field.Can you also please answer some of my questions.I can sure really use your help guys.

Thanks and Peace out!

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Answer by hannah_banana_in_da_froot_bowl
I am also 15, working on getting fit. I am trying to build a bit of muscle.

Saturday: Aerobics
Sunday: Abs exercises
Monday: Leg exercises
Tuesday: Arm exercises
Wednesday: Aerobics
Thursday: Dance class
Friday: All over

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