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Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule with the Best Home Workout Routines

Article by Kim Miner

Your kids need your attention, your job needs your attention, your relationship needs your attention, but when does your body get your attention? It probably seems impossible to get exercise in on most days, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it doesn’t even take a gym. It’s all about getting into the routine of fitting exercise in, no matter what. You can achieve this by finding unique ways to get your exercise in and by using the best home workout routines. Use these creative tips to sneak fitness in everyday and finally give your body the attention it deserves.1.Skip ConvenienceWe live in a world of escalators and drive-thru car washes; but think of all the calories you would burn if you took those stairs or washed that car by hand? In fact, try to do most things as manually as possible for one week and you’ll probably find that you are moving more and making healthier eating choices as well. Skipping the fast food or the frozen dinner in favor of a home cooked meal keeps you active and aware of what you’re putting into your body. Escalators, car washes, fast food, you name it! They were put in place so that we have to work less for the things we want. How is that a healthy thought process? From now on, think of the word ‘convenience’ as a real inconvenience when it comes to your health and fitness.

2.Friends are Key If you have a friend who is just as interested in being healthy and fit as you are, then not only can you have quality time with your friends, you can also get your workout in. People are much more likely to stay motivated when they work within a buddy system. You can walk or run, stretch, and even cook together. And if you like working out at home, you can start doing some of the best home workout routines together and really get involved. Try a dance or aerobic DVD and have fun encouraging each other the whole way.

3. Rise and Shine Studies have revealed that morning exercise keeps people more refreshed, and more motivated to stay with their routines. How often have you had a busy day, filled with deadlines, meetings, traffic, meals, and still wanted to come home and work out? Probably not very often. If you can learn to become a morning person – even though it might not be your favorite time of day initially – you will find yourself more invigorated and more willing to keep it up every single day. Plus, if you get up early enough, you’ll be free from some of the distractions from your day, such as children, spouses or phone calls. Morning workouts are just one more way of making health and fitness a priority in your life by preventing the afternoon and evening burnout.

4.Do What You LikeWhen you enjoy what you do, aren’t you more likely to keep doing it? Pretty simple math, isn’t it? It works with just about everything, and especially exercising. Make sure you pick the kind of physical activity that makes you happy. When you’re working out at home with a DVD, this is especially important. You want to make sure you’re doing what you love so that you keep doing it–DVDs don’t put themselves in, that’s your job. Maybe you enjoy kick boxing, aerobics, yoga, or salsa dancing; it doesn’t matter, as long as you want to do it. The best home workout routines engage you because you are enjoying a routine in the privacy of your own home. Go ahead, be selfish! Do what you want to do. When it comes to your health, it’s all about you.

Kim Miner is a writer specializing in fitness. For more on the best home workout routines, please visit

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