Review: Turbulence Training

Turbulence TrainingCraig Ballantyne, a true fitness expert extraordinaire who’s appeared in Men’s Fitness Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine, has revolutionized the fat-burning cardio workout. According to him, working out the old school way of traditional cardio isn’t cutting the mustard. He’s re-invented the wheel entirely and stepped up the game big-time. In this system, the routine is centered on 3 short-burst routines a week.


Craig also has shown that traditional cardio routines are simply too long and time consuming – so he just had to re-invent the wheel here and make it easy and quick to lose fat. In Turbulence Training, you just workout 3 times for 45 minutes each time, doing 6 simple exercises!


We caught Craig on YouTube doing the following:
Wide Squat, w/Hands Up: 15 repetitions
Simple Push-Ups: 15 repetitions
Simple Lunges & Pause: 12 repetitions per leg
Push-Ups on Decline Plane: 15 repetitions
Jumping Jacks: 60 repetitions
Mountain Climber Leg Exercises: 12 repetitions per leg


Turbulence TrainingThe key to success in this system – INTENSITY. Do not rest at all, just keep going. Rest for 60 seconds once you’ve done the whole circuit, and then…repeat three times! The entire workout should be 45 minutes if done right.


Just for kicks, we tried this one out on our staff, and told them not to change their diet at all, for a total of 21 days. The result: 31 pounds were lost, 20 inches of body fat was burned off! Astounding!


You’re probably thinking we’re mad to give you all the secrets to Turbulence Training…You’d be sorely mistaken! There’s so much more waiting for you in the system. There’s increased levels of intensity, different methods and the net result will be turning your body into a fat-burning machine!


These short-burst workouts are convenient and you’ll soon have the body you never thought was possible. Imagine your next pool party!


Visit the site to check out the crowd of happy, fit customers who did what you’re thinking about doing – they bought the system and galloped toward their goals. For the basic system you pay a mere Turbulence Training$39.95 – you’d pay that for a new body, wouldn’t you? The deluxe version we tried came with 5 bonuses and was a miserly $97 – much less than liposuction!


Check it out and see why we’ve given this a full 10 out of 10. Turbulence Training gives your body both barrels where it counts, in only 3 short workouts a week.