What Body Building Supplies Will Take Me To The Next Level?

With so many body building supplies on the market geared for those with money and no clue what they’re buying, it can be tough finding what’s really going to take your body to the next level. You need to know what will work, and how to organize them: supplies you need for the workout, and supplies for pre- and post-workout.


Safety and comfort are the two keys to body building supplies you’ll love using. Whenever you will be using your lower back to exercise, for instance, you should consider a weight lifting belt. This supports you so you don’t strain your back with excess weight.


Next up is the weight lifting glove. When you begin in the gym, you’ll quickly form blisters and cuts from the numberless bars you’ll handle. If you wear the gloves, you’ll get the cushion you need to avoid damaging your skin and it will help support your wrist as well.


Not to be overly-trendy, but you really ought to consider an i-Pod as a non-negotiable. Having the music of your choice blasting motivating rhythms into your skull as you pump heavy iron will increase your intensity and testosterone levels. Have a play list that’s as long as your workout and make sure the battery’s charged up!


Make sure your body building supplies include the protein shake for pre- and post-workout. The more, the merrier when it comes to protein. This helps you build muscle and keep it on. In addition, you’ll want to get some sort of sugar spike afterwards, with some juice or other source. This keeps up your energy level but also helps with insulin control. Insulin is a nutrient partitioner that tells your protein and other nutrients where they’re needed most.


Last and not least is water. You need this before, during and after working out. This will help stave off muscle cramps due to dehydration, and aid with every metabolic reaction going in your body. Drink more than you think you need: 6-8 glasses may not cut the mustard.


The amount of body building supplies on the market today is astounding, even daunting. Listed here are the basic, must-haves to build muscle the smart way – by cooperating with your body’s needs.