What Muscle Building Foods Will Rock Your Gains?

Eating proper muscle building foods will really rock your gains and get you to your goal much faster than you thought possible. Ever wonder how the gym pro’s do it? They don’t eat like runway models, for sure!


Believe it or not, but carbs play a vital role when building muscle. Carbohydrates prevent your body from breaking down the protein you’ve ingested for energy – you want all of that protein reserved for muscle! Carb-loading also gives you consistent energy, if you eat the right type at the right time, so you can stay pressing longer and more intensely.


On everyone’s list of classic muscle building foods is protein – and the most convenient way to get protein is in a shake. There are tons of varieties on the market, just find one you can stomach. Whey protein works fantastic. For a great evening protein shake, try a casein shake – they take longer to absorb, which will keep you fed until morning.


Add to the list foods that are high in protein. Sure, you’ve had protein shakes, but having more sources will keep your body in a muscle-building phase, making sure you don’t break down existing muscle mass in the process. Good sources of natural protein include eggs, lean chicken or turkey, fish is great and even shellfish. Include some of these in every meal.


Finally – hydrate! Drink more water than you think a camel needs – those guys aren’t in the gym, and look how much they drink. Seriously, drinking 6-8 glasses a day is great if you’re not building muscle. Drink more than that – you’re sweating it out, building muscle and doing all sorts of metabolic wonders you didn’t know about. Drink up.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of muscle building foods. There are tons to consider beyond the scope of this article, but these are the must-haves, the basics. The variety should keep your taste buds and mind satisfied that you’re not repeating the same thing every day. Remember: if you don’t eat right, your body won’t make gains.